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At work

At work

Electronic and visual ID tags for easy identification of your animals



Take The Defender - tramping, mountain biking, fishing, extreme sports, etc.

The Defender - On Farm

The Defender - On Farm

The Defender is water-proof and virtually indestructible, It has all the usual smartphone features and a safety alarm for your Health and Safety

Providers of Leading Edge Electronic Technology to Farmers, Veterinarians and Lifestylers



We specialise in animal identifiers, animal metric recording, telephone apps and rugged phones for demanding environments and innovative monitoring technology systems

to improve animal health and profitability.



  • smaXtec animal care system- Increase the efficiency, reproduction and health of your herd by monitoring real-time data from your cows rumens. The smaXtec system is a tool that provides management real data via activity level monitoring, Temperature & remote pH recording.




  • Electronic tag readers - wands, hand-helds and panels

  • Electronic ID tags - sheep, goats, companion animals

  • Visual ID tags - cattle, deer, sheep, goats, other farm animals

  • Rugged Phones, Tablets and Apps

  • Tissue Sampling tags​

  • Beekeeping / Apiculture  Apiculture identification management, learn how identification systems can benetfit your bee business.



Breeding Scheme Design and customised Livestock Selection programs


Project Management and implementation of traceability and animal recording schemes


International Experience, solutions for Livestock Improvement in Developing Countries

Our team has over 30 years’ experience working with you to get the right livestock and genetics (embryos and semen).

NZ Dairy cows with smaXtec sensors - See what is happening in the rumen of your cows any time from from any where.

Managing Director Dave Hayman and Shane Sutherland travel to the Philippines for the 20th Congress & Expo, to promote Smart farm Data services.

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Early morning start in the Waikato, New Zealand for these ewes that are being exported to South America.


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