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Beekeeping, Apiculture
Electronic ID (EID) tracking of beehives
for management and security

Do you want to,...

  • Verify the beehive is at a location - rented hives

  • Verify the beehive is at a location - payment of royalties to the farmers.


  • Record the hives on pallets

  • Record the yard the hive are in


  • Record when pallets are placed, and removed from the location - on farm, into warm room queen resistant to veroa; hive viability; queen age.


  • Asset tracking


  • Traceability of the honey to a location for the manufacture and the consumer


  • Identification of the hive with AFB for immediate / later management


  • Record activities / treatment applied to hives

All of the above can be done by paper records, however, using morden technology to electronically identify your assets gives you the ability to have more accurate records to meet your management, breeding and production objectives faster and easier.

The equipment needed includes:

  • an electronic tag for the hive boxes and pallets

  • reader - to read the electronic id

  • mobile app - to record what you are doing to the asset

If you are interested in implimenting electronic identifiers on your hives/pallets then give us a call


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