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Genetic Services, for ruminants

Export - Central Pacific Management (NZ)
- live animals selected and exported to your specifications

Our export livestock are expertly selected (we have over 15 years experience) and treated to meet the exacting requirements of the countries we export to: China, Australia, Philippines, Europe, North and South America.

Breeding - the right males mated with the right females at the right time

The principals of Genetic Development New Zealand have been assisting clients to set and achieve their production animals' breeding objectives for over 30 years in New Zealand, Australia and North America

Embryos - donors, recipients and semen selected to achieve your performance objectives

We have over 35 years experience undertaking embryo transfer work in multiple countries for multiple clients over multiple species.  We have in depth experience with the two most common embryo production techniques (IVP and MOET) and can help you to decide the most appropriate one for you.

Semen - sourced to ensure your breeding objectives are many steps closer

Fresh or frozen, sexed or unsexed, low or high density, organic or non organic - semen for your needs with the genetics you desire.

New Zealand bovine genetics

Products and Services:

  1. Selection and procurement of dairy cattle to order

  2. Preparation for export and arrangement of delivery logistics

  3. Breeding program design and implementation

  4. Production and supply of livestock semen or embryos

  5. Livestock identification and data capture solutions –SmartFarmData™


Competitive advantages:

  • High health status and efficient performance of New Zealand cattle

  • Extensive International Veterinary logistics experience in our team

  • Experience with NZ cattle supply chain and management of these processes

  • Extensive International experience in dairy breeding projects

  • Technical skills and systems to implement specific genetic selections



New Zealand's High Animal Health Status

  • Free of Brucellosis

  • Free of Leucosis

  • Free of Bluetongue

  • Low incidence of Tuberculosis with robust national control scheme

  • National traceability scheme


Dairy cattle genetics – Hardy, adaptable, easy care

  • Adapted to process high forage intake diet, aggressive grazers

  • Medium size, with capacity and ability to maintain body condition (low maintenance cost)

  • High fertility to perform and breed in seasonal calving systems

  • Well recorded ancestry and production on the national database (90% farmer participation)

  • High milk solids content

  • Durability and longevity, average cow in NZ produces for 5 lactations

  • National Breeding Objective drives for total profit per unit of feed (applicable across breeds)

  • Consistent high rate of genetic gain in NZ herd improvement program

  • Genetic Diversity available –NZ has sampled genetics from all major dairy populations, and selected those best adapted for pasture based production


Holstein –Friesians

  • Outcross to pure Holstein strains

  • Medium size

  • Easy calving

  • Fertile



  • Selected from largest Jersey breeding population in the world

  • Fertile

  • Heat Tolerant

  • Small and easy to handle



  • Extra fertility and durability from hybrid vigour

  • Maximum efficiency per hectare

  • Extra longevity, the average crossbred produces for one extra lactation compared to parent breeds

Credentials, Projects & Key People

Current and Recent Clients

  • Central Pacific Management NZ Limited, with Central Pacific Livestock Pty Ltd Australia - live animal exports

  • Beijing Xiong Te Animal Husbandry Co Ltd – cattle to China

  • Fonterra -International Farming Ventures – cattle to China, (plus scoping for Brazil, India)

  • Nimmo Bell & Ministry of Foreign Affairs –Dairy Development Phillipines (NZ Government project)

  • New Zealand Ministry for Primary Industry –Indonesia (NZ Government project)

  • Pacific Basin Exports –Dairy genetics to Chile, and other South American destinations

  • Animal & Grassland Research and Innovation Centre – Moorepark, Ireland



Key Personnel


David L Hayman BVSc MBA

Expert in dairy genetics - application of reproductive technologies; in cattle and livestock logistics.

+64 274 965 983

Ian Livingstone BVSc

Expert in dairy production and animal health,

+64 272 949 224


Office: 105 Bellevue Rd, Pukemoremore, RD 4, Hamilton 3284, New Zealand

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