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  • Smaxtec animal care 

  • Farmflo software system 

  • electronic and visual ear tags;

  • cost effective readers to scan the animal’s electronic id;

  • a rugged and versatile smart phone (The Defender® Android® phone);

  • the SmartFarmData app, for convenient on farm data capture

Service Descriptions:

Breeding Scheme Design and customised Livestock Selection programs


Project Management and implementation of traceability and animal recording schemes


International Experience, solutions for Livestock Improvement in Developing Countries

Product Descriptions:

smaXtec animal care system - 

Increase the efficiency of your farm by smaXtec animal care technology, the system enables the continouse real-time read out of data such as ruminal pH, temperature and activity levels from your herd 


Farmflo is a software system to help farmers improve their productivity and profitability of your farm.

Get started in 3 easy steps,

  • 1 - Sign-up to farmflo -

  • 2 - Input your data - using a touch of an app for Android and iOS

  • 3 - Run reports for all your compliance traceability needs


All our readers are compliant with International Standards: ISO 11784/11785.

We have a range of readers:

  • pocket sized hand held readers (veterinarians, sheep & goat farmers);

  • wands (local authorities, farmers, veterinarians, people in charge of animals);

  • in-race panel readers (farmers, people in charge of animals).


Reader Specifications

Stick Reader Specifications;


The Defender Phone

The Defender® phone can take a lot and still function as expected.  You can drop it on concrete, drop it in the trough, drop it in mud, and drive over it with the tractor – no worries. This phone has all the features you would expect from a modern phone – camera, GPS, apps, email, NFC, etc. It also has an emergency beacon for your health and safety.  It is an Android phone and runs the SmartFarmData Animal Data app.


Animal Data app

This app is the data capture tool you can use in the field.  With it you can record any number of traits that you need on an individual animal or a mob.  When you have finish recording the data can be emailed to your herd/flock improvement organisation or to yourself for inclusion in your farm management system.

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Electronic and visual ear tags

International standard electronic ear tags for livestock.  They come in a range of sizes from the ultra-light electronic tag for sheep to the larger long shanked tag for goats and pigs and the conventional button electronic tag for cattle and deer – in process for approval by NAIT.

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