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What is so special about 30 June 2015 or 29 February 2016?

If you are a cattle or deer farmer you will know.

After these dates all the cattle (30 June 2015) and all the deer (29 February 2016) that you are responsible for have to be tagged with the NAIT tag. There are some exceptions of course.

After these dates all animals over 6 months of age and all animals leaving your property have to have a NAIT tag, irrespective of whether you are farming commercially or run a few animals on your lifestyle block.

You only require one NAIT tag (and that tag has a worldwide unique number) per animal.

There are two types of NAIT electronic tag: the full duplex tag (FDX) and the half duplex (HDX). The FDX/HDX refers to the way the tag transmits its ID to the reader. The HDX tags are overall more expensive than the FDX tags although the performance of each type is about the same.

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17 April 2015 N R Gladden

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