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Bull Breeder Update & Export news

We are overdue to bring you up to date with our recent activities.

While we have ceased to be involved directly in Liberty Genetics bull breeding and selection since mid 2016, we have still been active in several aspects of NZ and international dairy genetics trade, promoting the special attributes of NZ genetics.

These activities include:

  • Live export of Dairy heifers (and bulls)

  • International Semen and Embryo sales

  • technology for data capture to help farmers make better management and breeding decisions

  • some local breeding stock trading

Crossbred heifers get first feed and a rest after arrival in the Philippines.

In addition, we have been developing and promoting new technology for monitoring the health

and breeding activity of your cows, (the SmaXtec system), and to monitor rumen efficiency/health.

I hope you will find it interesting and useful to get a market update and be informed about opportunities we have, to export your genetics, and the new technologies we are delivering.

TOP DONOR COWS WANTED: Currently we are looking for high BW donor cows to produce embryos for export to Ireland.

Friesian cows should be over 180 BW, while Jerseys should be 185+. Sound conformation and some well recorded family background is required. (Do not have to be registered pedigree, but that is a plus).

If you have any cows that would suit, please respond by email and if possible forward a 3 gen pedigree or a group profile.

Barry Ward is co-ordinating this activity. Contact him on 027 4130687 or me on the numbers below.


Over the last few months we have been involved in semen exports to some new markets

  1. in the Philippines (sexed crossbred with the Slick gene for heat tolerance)

  2. a selection from all 4 breeds to East Africa

  3. Polled Jersey semen to USA

East Africa has become a serious focus for us because, in collaboration with Animal Breeding Services, we have secured contracts for refresher training and upskilling of AI Technicians(300), in Tanzania, and then implementing a franchise business model to continue to supply and support them to deliver herd improvement services for local dairy farmers. Concurrently we are assisting with upgrading their National AI centre and sire development program to make it into a sustainable business. This program is supported by the Gates Foundation. There is also a NZ MFAT Dairy Development program proposed to assist Tanzanian small holder farmers and dairy processors to improve output and quality.

There is strong demand for dairy products in this market, with growth in demand well exceeding growth in supply. This activity could lead to live importation of suitably selected heifers. Ayrshires and crossbred semen is in demand in addition to the two main breeds. The climate is hot and humid on the coast favouring Jerseys and crossbreds, but Friesians and Ayrshires do well in the extensive highland areas. There are currently approx. 650,000 dairy cross or dairy breed cattle, and approx. 24 million local zebu, Boran and mixed breeds cattle, for beef production (and some milk harvesting by Masai).

AI Training in northern Tanzania – spot Javier from ABS

Masai Herdsman – looking for new pastures


The China market has been quiet since our November 2016 shipment of nearly 3,000 head (approx. 50:50 Jersey and Frisian). Last year in April, we exported 285 in-calf crossbred heifers to the Philippines by air freight and there is interest in additional shipments of crossbred and Jersey stock. We are working hard on cultivating alternative markets for live export of heifers.


The new technology for monitoring Animal Health and Breeding activity is the SmaXtec system, which is smart sensor boluses that sit in the fore-stomach of the rumen, and they transmit; core body temperature (also shows water intake), plus activity (via an accelerometer), and the most advanced option also measures rumen pH (to detect acidosis, or sub-optimal feeding patterns). We now have a top farm in the Waikato with 250 boluses actively providing key alerts for autumn calvings, and any infections, or lameness post calving. Soon they will be transmitting preheat information confirming which are cycling and ready to breed and identifying those that need anoestrus check and TLC to get them cycling.

We do have a special introductory package for 40 boluses which could go into your top 40 cows, or the two year olds. See flier attached. Call us, or email back if you would like to see the cost benefit analysis for using this technology if you used it across the whole herd.

REMINDER: Please urgently send through any nominations of top BW Friesians or Jerseys that are open for embryo collection now, or can be available in Spring.

Best regards


David L Hayman BVSc MBA

Managing Director

Genetic Development NZ LTD

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F +64 7 843 7137

skype address: dave.gdnz

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